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August 10, 2017
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August 15, 2017

We’ve picked up 10 best singers since May 21, 2017 when our App has been launched on Sing+. They really are good singers, but here we do not have any prize for them except to introduce them to you guys. Although some of them may have been a little star in Sing Plus, but I want you people could introduce them to your friends and spreed this article, I thought people in the list below would be thankful for your approval and they will like you back and spreed your covers to their friends or fans.

So who you like the most? Don’t worry, Enjoy their new songs and Tell me in the comments!

  • Ikesh_Fidel

  • true

  • K_sngz

  • Jacquelyne


  • Ericbbs

  • Naava

  • Femi_Morgan

  • rutty

  • Yello Kingston

  • Preshus

The above list is not in sequence!

By the way, our APP has been reviewed by REVIEW MAG:

Sing Plus a free karaoke and Sing Along App Review


  1. chuzzy says:

    Woow this is the best

  2. Vickramix says:

    Wow, I would like to be like them

    • nevjn says:

      publish your cover on Sing+ and share it on Facebook with #singplus #bestsinger, you might be the next weeks best singer 🙂

  3. Simon Daniel says:


  4. Preshus says:

    Oh em gee. I made the list? How? How?!!!!

  5. Esther Onyenuwa says:

    The best App ever

  6. Kingsley jay says:

    I wana say big thank to all singplus users and the organiser of this platform, it is really a big encouragement to all upcoming singer’s that enable and praticalised best on this platform.

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