General Questions

1How to record a song?
First of all, you should OPEN Sing+ and Login; Then find the song you’d like to sing (in “Sing” column or just search by click the search button); Thirdly, click the ”sing” icon after song and wait loading; With these 3 steps you can start to sing! By the way,headphones are highly recommended for better quality.
2How to record a song when I’m off line?
On condition that you have loaded the song online, then you can sing and record it offline.
3How to find the song I want to sing?
See that magnifying glass on the right of APP head? Touch it!
4How to sing a foreign language song?
In songbook page, there are four columns, click the column named ”Filter”. Now we have four languages to be chosen. If you know the name of the song, search it with search engine in our APP.
5How to sing an accapella?
See the column named “Freestyle”? Touch it and sing as you like.

Crashing and Error

1How to delete my recordings?
Not satisfied with your recordings? Touch the one you want to delete within 10 seconds and choose “Yes”.
2Voice is moving faster than the beats?
Trying the Vocal Timing tool when preview.